switchDIM: Digital lamp management in its simplest form

Digital dimmable ballasts for fluorescent lamps

With switchDIM it is possible to create lighting systems that can be easily switched and dimmed at low cost. The key is simple but clever. It involves using standard mains voltage switches for lighting control. The different switching and dimming functions are performed depending on the operating status at the time and how long the switch is pressed. A short press on the switch switches the connected ballasts on or off; holding down the switch will fade the connected ballasts up or down.
In a direct comparison with other control methods, switchDIM not only has a distinct cost advantage, it offers better functionality and simple installation:
  • Cost-effective dimming and switching
  • User-friendly operation from multiple control points (up to 25 conventional switches)
  • Theoretically unlimited number of ballasts (we recommend a maximum of 25 ballasts per switchDIM system)
  • Selectable fade rates depending on the ballast
  • A dimming characteristic tailored to the sensitivity of the eye
  • Intelligent solution in combination with Smart-LS II ambient light sensor (manual regulation of the setpoint via the switch)
  • The control signal corresponds to the mains voltage
  • Powerless switching via the control interface


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