SMART Sensor 5DPI 19fe

Ambient light sensor and presence detector for lighting control

Product description

  • Optional ambient light sensor and motion detector for PCA EXCEL one4all devices from the xitec II generation
  • Can be remote controlled
  • Compact dimensions for luminaire installation
  • Simple cable connection to the ballast via SMART interface
  • Power supply via ballast
  • Lighting control and presence detection can be deactivated
  • Individual adjustment of the parameters with configuration software
  • Optinal with corridorFUNCTION profile
  • Optional connection with second ballast possible via accessory cable
  • Max. installation height 5 m
  • 5-year guarantee
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Ordering data
Type Article number Packaging, carton
SMART Sensor 5DPI 19fe 28000922 20 pc(s).
SMART Sensor 5DPI 19fe cF 01 28000927 20 pc(s).
Approval marks:
Technical data
Supply via SMART interface
Current draw 1 mA from SMART interface
Operating temperature 0 ... +60 °C
Storage temperature ts -20 ... +65 °C
Type of protection IP20
Max. casing temperature tc 63 °C
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Specific technical data
Type Detection Max. cable length (2) Control output (devices) corridorFUNCTION profile
Light detection angle asymmetric Light measure­ment at the sensor head (1) Illuminance (factory default) (2) Motion detection angle symmetric
SMART Sensor 5DPI 19fe 31 ° 40 – 1,000 lx 500 lx 92 ° 0.8 m 2
SMART Sensor 5DPI 19fe cF 01 31 ° 40 – 1,000 lx 500 lx 92 ° 0.8 m 2 switch off 1 minute
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Data sheet
1.01 MB 09/12/2016
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Controls and Connectivity
An overview of our lighting management systems
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Certificates / declarations of conformity
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SMART Sensor T5 Clip + Cap Accessories

Product description

  • Clip for mounting the sensor directly to the lamp and cover to protect against indirect light
Ordering data
Type Article number Packaging, bag Packaging, carton
SMART Sensor T5 Clip + Cap 86459499 10 pc(s). 200 pc(s).


Product description

  • Optional infra-red remote control
  • Switching on and off (On/Off button)
  • Dimming (Up/Down button)
  • Activation of automatic lighting control (Automatic button)
  • Setting the threshold control point (Set button)
Ordering data
Type Article number Dimensions L x W x H Packaging, carton Weight per pc.
REMOTECONTOL IR6 28000647 86.5 x 40.5 x 7.2 mm 500 pc(s). 0.019 kg
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Type Article number CAD Files
SMART Sensor 5DPI 19fe 28000922 CAD (1.6 MB)
SMART Sensor 5DPI 19fe cF 01 28000927 CAD (1.6 MB)
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