sceneCOM – automatic lighting control

Controls and Connectivity

For light just the way you like it

The focus is on the user – lighting control that adapts automatically to the user’s needs

Once commissioned, the compact, intelligent sceneCOM controller takes control of the entire lighting solution – fully automatic and just how the user wants it. In this way, you get an easy-to-operate lighting management system, which focuses on comfort and individual well-being, with the additional benefit of reducing operating costs. The large number of suitable sensors, switches, drivers and modules leaves nothing to be desired – from simple switching on and off and dimming, to user-defined lighting scenes and dynamic Tunable White lighting and control of the emergency lighting. It’s also possible to control the lighting manually at any time. Via an interface, sceneCOM can also be integrated in any building management system with a BACnet protocol.

Comfort and efficiency

Through constant communication with daylight and presence sensors sceneCOM always ensures perfect lighting conditions. Depending on the incidence of light, the artificial light share is automatically adjusted. This means the light always maintains the desired intensity. To prevent wasting energy unnecessarily, sceneCOM only activates the lighting when it is actually needed. If there is nobody in the room, the light switches itself off automatically.

Individuality and well-being

Light, which is just as dynamic as people – sceneCOM more than meets this desire.
A push of a button is all it takes to adapt the lighting mood to individual requirements and a different use of the room. The combination with Tunable White technology offers an added bonus in terms of well-being.

Carefree safety

With sceneCOM, the issue of safety literally takes care of itself. All emergency lighting concerns are regulated automatically and completely reliably by the integrated control. Current standards and legal requirements are all met in full.

Daylight-based control

The lighting, with controllable illuminances and colour temperatures, mimics the natural course of daylight and supports the biological rhythm of people.

Simple operation

Lighting can be controlled both via a PC, tablet or smartphone as well as classically via push-buttons.

Selection of settings

Thanks to pre-defined lighting scenes, the right lighting effect can be selected according to the room use and situation.

Fast commissioning

With the user-friendly and simple web interface, commissioning is completed within just a few steps – without the need for any additional software.


With sceneCOM, individual rooms, several floors and entire buildings can be controlled easily. A BACnet interfaces enables the integration into building managements systems, which support the BACnet protocol.

Groups and zones

The simple commissioning means the effort in creating groups and zones for the luminaires is significantly reduced.

Presence and absence detection

Activated DALI sensors detect and control the demand for light.

Time management

The system’s internal calendar is used to adapt the light automatically to days of the week and the seasons.

Perfect and efficient light around the clock

Focus on dynamic light

Individual visual ability, different activities in one room as well as alternating daytimes and seasons are a big challenge for the lighting. Controllable light is an advantage from many different perspectives. Not only does it create the ideal prerequisites for flexible room use, but is also shifts the focus to the different requirements of the people using it.

As a reliable control centre, sceneCOM has its eye firmly on illuminance and presence and enables fully automatic, dynamic light as well as maximum individuality. Sensors register every deviation from the pre-defined values and report these to the controller, which responds immediately. For example, if the daylight share changes, the Lux value of the artificial light is adapted accordingly. The lighting is also switched on and off fully automatically when the presence and absence of people is detected. It is also possible to link the lighting settings of different zones and rooms. The user himself doesn't notice the active communication between the sensors and the controller. Everything that the user perceives, is a demand-based, consistent illuminance, which is always activated whenever and wherever it is needed.  


With Tunable White function and modifiable illuminance, sceneCOM follows the Human Centric Lighting concept. By mimicking the natural course of daylight, artificial light not only supports the human biological rhythm, but can also have a positive impact on well-being.

A simple push of a button is all it takes to change the illuminance and colour temperature as desired. The result is perfectly illuminated rooms that can be used for a range of purposes.

Quick and easy installation

sceneCOM is commissioned in simple steps via an attractive GUI. No additional software is required. As soon as the sceneCOM controller is connected to the PC or tablet, commissioning can begin. All installed DALI luminaires and DALI sensors are automatically detected by the addressing wizard and can then be configured. Room structures and groupings can also be created in the addressing wizard in the same step.

Four steps to a finished lighting management system

  1. Identify and assign luminaires
  2. Assign luminaires to the rooms
  3. Add input devices
  4. Check, save, retrieve

sceneCOM system overview#system-overview

The controller – the compact command centre and its peripheral devices

sceneCOM system overview



As both the functional lighting and the emergency lighting are controlled via sceneCOM, the wiring effort is significantly reduced. This also reduces installation costs.

sceneCOM Controller – the control centre

The compact sceneCOM controller combines all the functions required for control and commissioning of a lighting solution in the smallest space.

As both the functional lighting and the emergency lighting are controlled via sceneCOM, the wiring effort is significantly reduced. This also reduces installation costs. more...

The sensor as a reporting office

Sensors featuring PIR technology combine the functions of motion and daylight sensors and offer various detection ranges, making them the ideal solution for every application.

Low-bay sensors are perfect for low-ceilinged rooms such as offices and classrooms.

Configuration of the functions, which is carried out entirely individually via the sceneCOM controller, is just as convenient as the assembly and wiring.

UPB4 sC – the connection to the control unit

With the small DALI device, up to four switches can be installed in an instant, from simple single momentary-action switches to double momentary-action switches – any model is possible.

Configuration of the functions, which is carried out entirely individually via the sceneCOM controller, is just as convenient as the assembly and wiring. more...

Web interface – the intuitive path towards lighting control

The clearly designed, integrated web interface allows for simple configuration and intuitive operation. Additional software and tools are not required. A web browser is all you need to commission and control sceneCOM via a PC, laptop or tablet. The structure of the web interface is the same for all devices.


Office application#office

sceneCOM video – Office application

Educational application#education

sceneCOM video – Educational application

Hospitality application#hospitality

sceneCOM video – Hospitality application

sceneCOM – automatic lighting control

For light just the way you like it

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