CIS 30 DA2

RF Multi Master Controller

  • Dimensions without dust and dirt protection

    Dimensions without dust and dirt protection

  • Dimensions with dust and dirt protection

    Dimensions with dust and dirt protection

Product description

  • Monitor and control of public lighting supporting the Zhaga-D4i standard
  • Powered by AUX Power supply as specified by the DiiA
  • Low energy consumption using device to device IPv6/6LoWPAN technology
  • Supporting the 868 MHz narrow band frequency
  • For use in full self-healing mesh networks with up to 300 nodes
  • Fast data rate transmission with up to 100 kbps
  • Integrated ambient light measurement
  • Ready for Zhaga book 18 Ed. 2 receptacle for easy and flexible installation to luminaire
  • Life-time up to 100,000 h at tc = 72 °C
  • 8-year guarantee in combination with Tridonic LED Driver PRE3 (other case 5-year guarantee)

Housing properties

  • Casing: Transparent smoke grey
  • Type of protection up to IP66
  • Impact protection ≤ IK09


  • Innovative: First RF Multi-Master Controller based on Zhaga receptacle using Paradox IPv6 6LoWPAN mesh-technology
  • User friendly: Fast and easy connectivity upgrade of Luminaire equipped with Zhaga Book 18 Ed. 2 interface
  • Reliable: Self healing mesh-network for a stable and secured operation
  • Safe: Pressure equalizing membrane to handle quick temperature changes in outdoor conditions

Typical applications

  • Urban Cities focused on Streetlight with a Zhaga interface to build up multi networks
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Ordering data
Type Article number Radio transceiver operation frequency Packaging, carton Weight per pc.
CIS 30 RF868 DA2 28002647 868 MHz 60 pc(s). 0.07 kg
Approval marks:
Technical data
Supply voltage (1) 24 V
Current consumption average 12 mA
Current consumption pulsed 15.5 mA
Wire length for DALI and power supply ≤ 3 m
Power consumption average 0.29 W
Power consumption pulsed 0.37 W
Starting time 30 s
Mounting hole acc. to Zhaga book 18 Ed. 2
Type of installation Zhaga book 18 Ed. 2 socket
Max. output power radio transceiver 14 dBm
Max. radio range 100 m
Radio receiver sensitivity if -99 dBm = 1 % BER at
Radio protocol 802.15.4 g - 6LoWPAN
Data rate 100 kbit/s
Data encryption AES-128
Capable for firmware update Yes
Capable for mesh-network Up to 300 nodes
Ambient temperature ta -40 ... +70 °C
Vent humidity range 0 – 90 %
tc 72 °C
Storage temperature ts -40 ... +85 °C
Dimensions Ø x H ø 79.7 x 38.5 mm
Dimensions with dust and dirt protection Ø x H ø 82.7 x 43.4 mm
Housing material top PC polycarbonate
Housing material body PBT
Housing colour top Transparent smoke grey
UV resistance f1
Type of protection IP66
Impact protection rating ≤ IK09
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Data sheet
1.27 MB 18/12/2019
SIDEREA – Citizen-Centric Lighting
Trusted outdoor solutions
6.62 MB 09/01/2020
Certificates / declarations of conformity
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Certificates ()

ACU Z18 Set (Zhaga book 18 Ed. 2 receptacle) Accessories

  • ACU Z18 REP 4PIN + ACU Z18 CAP IP66

    ACU Z18 REP 4PIN + ACU Z18 CAP IP66

Product description

  • Set consisting of receptacle, lock washer and mounting nut (ACU Z18 REP 4PIN)
  • Designed for street lighting control
  • Compliant with Zhaga book 18 Ed. 2
  • Optional IP66 with sealing cap (ACU Z18 CAP IP66)
  • UL UV-f1 rated for outdoor use
  • IK09 high impact resistant
  • For more details see data sheet ACU Z18 Set

Housing properties

  • Casing receptacle: PBT
  • Type of protection IP20


  • Supplies Zhaga book 18 Ed. 2 contact system
Ordering data
Type Article number Packaging, bag Weight per pc.
ACU Z18 REP 4PIN 28003209 100 pieces 0.008 kg
ACU Z18 CAP IP66 28003208 100 pieces 0.020 kg
Type Article number CAD Files
ACU Z18 REP 4PIN 28003209 CAD (1.0 MB)
ACU Z18 CAP IP66 28003208 CAD (782.5 KB)
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