As varied as your requirements

Digital dimmable ballasts for fluorescent lamps

Our aim is to meet your individual requirements. The ballasts offer the necessary performance, intelligence and flexibility for the relevant applications and always with maximum efficiency.

PCA T5 EXCEL one4all lp xitec II


EXCEL one4all series*

Maximum intelligence and flexibility
Superior lighting solutions begin with a ballast with special qualities. We are setting new standards in technical innovation. PCA EXCEL one4all represents a new generation of dimmable ballasts that offer maximum comfort and maximum flexibility.

ECO series*

Maximum performance
The dimmable ballasts in the PCA ECO series meet all the requirements for all the usual lighting systems. They combine maximum performance with ecological and economic benefits.

* Some devices in the PCA product range are still based on the predecessor platform xitec I and therefore differ in their functionality. For details see the data sheet.

Functional descriptions:
Multifunctional interface
Multi-lamp management for T5 lamps
Intelligent Voltage Guard / Intelligent Temperature Guard

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