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net4more system enables Internet of Light solutions (IoL)




Creating an insight into lighting assets

net4more offers scalable, open IoT system architecture that can be updated, providing future applications with IPv6 connectivity down to the end node (luminaire). net4more enables any device, including wired or wireless luminaires and sensors, to communicate directly via the shared IT network without the need for special gateways.

net4more is the first hybrid lighting system that provides gateway-free access to all lighting-related data no matter the topology, whether wireless or wired. When it comes to the right solution for you, there’s no need to choose between one or the other. You’re free to select either pure wireless or PoE-based lighting, or even benefit from what both solutions have to offer.

Our PoE solution replaces complex bus systems and conventional power infrastructures for lighting, allowing all the great benefits of a shared network where phones, CCTV cameras or other PoE-based systems requiring higher data transmission can co-exist.

The net4more wireless solution is a cost-effective IoT lighting solution and is gaining momentum in the industry for new builds or refurbishments.

The latest part of the system is another hybrid player. The new wireless communication module connects the stable and scalable wireless mesh with DALI. This comes with sophisticated, smart and user-friendly tools, enabling efficient planning and commissioning. net4more is a scalable and open system and the technology can be used by any luminaire manufacturer.

net4more helps you increase the value of your property to meet building standards such as LEED, BREEAM or DGNB.

net4more helps customers make savings in terms of electricity and operating costs and also supports building owners create a carbon neutral, intelligent and creative space.

Specific savings and utilization strategies can be created and implemented quickly. Alongside their initial purpose, i.e. intelligent lighting, the data can also be used by many other Building Management Systems (BMS).



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net4more will make buildings and cities a carbon neutral, intelligent and creative place with the net4more toolbox – based on an infrastructure that is easy to design, commission and use. Thus our business partners, specifiers, designers, data analysts and service providers can create open, scalable and safe solutions.
As an IoT solution consisting of hardware and software net4more can fulfil many needs and we are ready to learn about your individual demands. We will appreciate to drive a successful project with you and support you as soon as you get in contact with your local sales team.

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