Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery pack 1.5 – 3.0 Ah

Lithium Iron Phosphate cells (LiFePO4)

Product description

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate replacement battery pack for use with EM ready2apply emergency lighting units
  • 8-year design life (at up to 30 °C ambient temperature)
  • 3-year guarantee


  • Certified quality manufacturer
  • Casing material made of polycarbonate
  • Charge efficiency > 90 %
  • Low self discharge
  • Compact connector providing polarity safe battery connection
  • Protection and monitoring circuit built into battery enclosure
  • Battery protected against operation at excessive temperatures
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Suitable for emergency lighting equipment as per IEC 60598-2-22
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Ordering data
Type Article number Capacity Packaging, carton Weight per pc.
1.5 Ah battery pack
PACK-LiFePO4 1.5Ah R2A 89800555 1.5 Ah 75 pc(s). 0.064 kg
3.0 Ah battery pack
PACK-LiFePO4 3.0Ah R2A 89800556 3.0 Ah 75 pc(s). 0.104 kg
Technical data
Battery voltage per cell 3.2 V
Battery capacity per cell 1.5 Ah
Ambient temperature range (design life of 8 years) +5 ... +35 °C
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Specific technical data
Type Article number Number of cells Capacity Dimensions
L x W x H
1.5 Ah battery pack
PACK-LiFePO4 1.5Ah R2A 89800555 1 1.5 Ah 77.5 x 39 x 31.5 mm
3.0 Ah battery pack
PACK-LiFePO4 3.0Ah R2A 89800556 2 3.0 Ah 77.5 x 39 x 31.5 mm
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Data sheet
298 KB 26/02/2018
Material Safety data sheet for LiFePO4 batteries
469 KB 30/08/2017
Thermal measurement of batteries and accupacks
91 KB 11/08/2017
Certificates / declarations of conformity
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