Engine QLE PREMIUM system


Product description

  • Square Tunable White system with adjustable colour temperature from 3,000 to 6,000 K at constant luminous flux
  • Precalibrated set to ensure premium light quality and colour consistency, consisting of LED Driver and 4, 5 or 6 LED modules with luminous flux of 1,250 lm per pc. (1)
  • Outstanding system colour tolerance (MacAdam 3) over the full operating area
  • Dimming range 10 – 100 % without change of colour temperature
  • High system efficiency up to 132 lm/W at tp = 45 °C
  • Low profile LED Driver with digital interface (DALI Device Type 8, DSI, switchDIM, colourTEMPERATURE)
  • Self-cooling (no additional heat sink required)
  • Long life-time of 50,000 h and 5-year system guarantee
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Ordering data
Type Article number System components
TW QLE G1 270mm 4x1250lm 830-860 PRE KIT 89600647 1 LED Driver + 4 LED modules at 1,250 lm
TW QLE G1 270mm 5x1250lm 830-860 PRE KIT 89602481 1 LED Driver + 5 LED modules at 1,250 lm
TW QLE G1 270mm 6x1250lm 830-860 PRE KIT 89602482 1 LED Driver + 6 LED modules at 1,250 lm
Luminaire types:
Recessed floor & wallmounted luminaires
Free-standing luminaires
Linear luminaires
Wide-area luminaires (in-built, remote, pendant)
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Download all selected files
 Download all selected files
System data sheet
1.41 MB 13/03/2018
Engine QLE PREMIUM – Technical Design-in Guide
1.99 MB 19/01/2017
Leaflet – Module QLE
For Linear and Wide Area
793 KB 05/04/2018
Leaflet Tunable White
1.87 MB 06/08/2018
Certificates / declarations of conformity
Type      Article number      Certificates     
Certificates ()
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Type Article number CAD Files Ray Files Photometric files
TW QLE G1 270mm 4x1250lm 830-860 PRE KIT 89600647 CAD (5.9 MB) Low (112.1 MB) Medium (444.9 MB) High (1.7 GB) Photometric (6.2 KB)
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