Intelligent Voltage Guard / Intelligent Temperature Guard

Digital dimmable ballasts for fluorescent lamps

Intelligent Voltage Guard

Prevention is better than cure – and that is also true of ballasts. To help prevent damage due to overvoltage or undervoltage the mains voltage for all PCA ballasts is constantly monitored. If the mains voltage is too low the relevant lamp circuit is switched-off. At voltages between 70 and 140 V the device switches-off and on again on a non-cyclic basis. In the event of overvoltage the protection system issues an alarm by causing the lamps to flash alternately so that the installer can immediately take action to remedy the overvoltage.

Intelligent Temperature Guard

Constant temperature checks enhance the reliability of the ballasts. Intelligent Temperature Guard provides effective protection against thermal overloads by slowly reducing the output if a defined ASIC temperature is exceeded. The reduction in overtemperature takes place in small stages every two minutes and is repeated successively every 10 minutes as soon as the temperature falls again.

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