corridorFUNCTION – simply brilliant

Digital dimmable ballasts for fluorescent lamps

Dimmable ballasts with corridorFUNCTION are a very simple and highly efficient way of reducing energy consumption. Even the simplest solutions with a standard motion sensor have a great effect. Ballasts of the xitec II generation offer maximum potential savings thanks to the combination with SMART daylight sensor. The application is activated automatically as soon as the mains signal at the digital interface of the ballast with integrated corridorFUNCTION is applied for longer than five minutes.

Wherever light has to be provided 24 hours a day for statutory reasons, the corridorFUNCTION helps provide the right light, combined with energy-efficient and cost-effective operation. This economical form of 24-hour lighting is ideal for pedestrian underpasses, underground train stations, ATM booths, telephone kiosks, hotels, public buildings and hospitals.

Product characteristics PCA EXCEL
one4all xitec II
xitec II
xitec II
corridorFUNCTION with daylight control
corridorFUNCTION with 3 preprogrammed profiles (via plug)
corridorFUNCTION (individually programmable)
corridorFUNCTION can be executed directly via SMART sensor
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