connecDIM Architect

Commissioning of Tridonic connecDIM lighting systems

The connecDIM Architect app provides a highly convenient option for commissioning lights directly on-site using a smartphone or tablet. The wireless commissioning of DALI lighting systems makes it very simple for experts to assign addresses and functions to all luminaires and to create individual groups of luminaires. Zones can be clearly defined and specifically designated in combination with the connecDIM Gateway and connecDIM Cloud. This is a particular benefit for the user who is then able to call up the saved information easily via the connecDIM Lite app.

Wireless commissioning of DALI luminaires

  • Commissioning of the DALI lighting system
  • DALI address assignment
  • Allocation of functions
  • Grouping luminaires and allocating zones
  • DALI bridge function
  • Creating light settings
  • Arc level sliders
  • Smart luminaire identification (max. 7 steps)


This app only works in combination with the Tridonic connecDIM-based lighting solution