Wireless operation of Tridonic lighting systems and IoT applications

4remote is a central app that any user can use to adjust the lighting along with all devices integrated into the net4more system quickly and conveniently to their own personal preferences. It is the ideal modern and wireless control element for a smart connected lighting solution. A smartphone or tablet is used as a remote control or to replace a traditional wall switch. Possibilities range from simple switching on and off of luminaires to dimming and through to calling up different light settings.

Operating functions

  • Switch light on and off
  • Dim lights
  • Call up preferred light settings
  • Control other devices integrated in the system


This app only works in combination with the following Tridonic lighting systems and IoT applications

  • net4more system solution
  • DALI-2 (LC RF v2 infrastructure controller)



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net4more 4remote App – Manual
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net4more Management portal – Manual
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