4remote BT (basicDIM Wireless)

All-in-one app for Tridonic basicDIM Wireless lighting systems

4remote BT accompanies a basicDIM wireless solution through all stages of development. Each task can be completed with exceptional convenience and speed and very intuitively, beginning with the processes for establishing and commissioning the luminaires through to their daily use.

For daily use

  • Switch luminaires on and off individually or as a group
  • Dim luminaires individually or as a group
  • Adjust light colour and colour temperatures 
  • Call up preferred light settings
  • Select specific luminaires quickly using a graphic display of the room or the gallery view
  • Optional password protection
  • Incorporation into the network for other users with four levels of security

For commissioning on-site

  • Commission, programme and control luminaires
  • Location, addressing and assignment of luminaires
  • Incorporate basicDIM Wireless User Interface (optional)
  • Create groups
  • Create preferred light settings
  • Determine user rights

For establishing luminaires

  • Simple parameter settings: Define properties for luminaires and assign these wirelessly


This app only works in combination with the Tridonic basicDIM Wireless lighting controls.