Lighting Controls and Connectivity

corridorFUNCTION – huge benefits in terms of energy efficiency, safety and comfort. Within a user-definable time window (fade-off time) the lighting is dimmed to a low level (B) and switched-off after a certain dwell time (C)

Intelligent lighting control

The right light in the right amount at the right place – this saves energy and creates an individual level of lighting comfort that promotes a feeling of well-being. luxCONTROL components from Tridonic provide the basis for innovative and tailor-made lighting solutions in which maximum energy efficiency is combined with optimum functionality for the specific application. luxCONTROL represents the next generation of lighting management for modern lighting systems with daylight-dependent control, spectacular lighting moods and impressive colour chases.

Intelligent luxCONTROL systems are characterised by the optimum interplay of controller, sensors, controls, electronic ballasts and lamps. They are perfectly tailored to work with drivers for LED modules, digital dimmable PCA EXCEL one4all lp, PCA EXCITE und PCA ECO ballasts, TE one4all electronic transformers, digital PCI FOX ballasts and EM PRO emergency lighting units.

Task-specific lighting management

With luxCONTROL all the lighting tasks are performed with the versions that are ecologically, economically and functionally the most attractive. Integrated solutions enable manufacturers to produce costeffective energy-saving luminaires. Lighting planners and installers can use the right configuration based on an extensive range of equipment to suit the specific task and the required lighting design.

Tried and tested DSI technology (Digital Serial Interface) and the DALI interface protocol (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) offer impressive flexibility – from individual intelligent luminaires and large room installations to lighting concepts for buildings that can even be linked to emergency lighting systems to provide a total package.

Ballasts from Tridonic: the simplest form of lighting management

switchDIM applications use the mains voltage as the control signal for the digital dimmable ballasts from Tridonic. This is the simplest form of lighting management, which makes switchDIM uncomplicated, cost-effective and extremely user-friendly. Only simple conventional mains voltage switches are therefore needed to dim and switch the lighting system from several locations.

Safe passage with integrated corridorFUNCTION

In presence-controlled lighting systems the corridorFUNCTION integrated in dimmable ballasts from Tridonic provides a new level of energy efficiency, safety and comfort. Instead of being switched-off abruptly if no movement is detected in stairwells, corridors, underground car parks or entrance halls, the lighting is dimmed to a low level and then switched-off after a delay of one minute. As soon as someone enters the room the light is switched back up to its full level.

SMART sensors – elements of a cost-effective constant lighting solution

Simple, cost-effective and energy-efficient constant lighting systems can be produced on the basis of digital dimmable PCA EXCEL one4all and PCA ECO ballasts. SMART sensors, which are connected to the ballasts via the Tridonic SMART Interface, register the available ambient light or the presence of a person in the room. The level of light can be regulated to a user-defined constant light value or the luminaire can be switched-off if there is no-one in the room. The compact components are easy to integrate, enabling luminaire manufacturers to offer products with added intelligence without having to compromise on the freedom of optimum design. Further control inputs on the ballast enable the luminaires to be integrated in a complete lighting system.

DSI – simply functional

To optimise the energy consumption of extensive groups of luminaires, for example in sports stadiums or factories, there are solutions based on the modularDIM system and the DSI digital interface. The attractive functions of a DSI lighting management system include simple programming of scenes and the option of common routing of the control line and mains power supply cabling in one duct. Digital transmission means no problems of interference and an identical dimming value for all the luminaires.

DALI – the established standard

DALI enables up to 64 digital dimmable ballasts with one4all interfaces to be individually addressed on a single line, 16 groups to be assigned and 16 lighting scenes to be programmed. Regrouping is possible at any time without the need for costly rewiring, for example after renovation or a change of function for a room.

With individual addressability and status feedback, the DALI-based comfortDIM lighting control systems not only offer top-quality monitoring functions but also open up new opportunities for developing high-quality lighting solutions because the various parameters can be easily programmed. With comfortDIM it is also possible for external systems such as louvre blind controllers to be integrated in the overall concept.

Other functions that have been implemented by Tridonic in ballasts with one4all interfaces and that go beyond the DALI standard contribute to greater lighting comfort and even greater energy savings.

Intelligent emergency lighting system

Compact emergency lighting systems for up to 120 individually addressable DALI emergency lighting units are easily implemented with e-touch. The status report for the emergency lighting system can be retrieved locally via an infra-red interface or in a networked installation with EM LINK software (available free of charge) via a standard web browser (TCP/IP).

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