Multifunctional interface

Digital dimmable ballasts for fluorescent lamps

To keep installation costs as low as possible and to ensure intuitive operation all Tridonic ballasts are equipped with an interface that provides multiple control options. The internationally acclaimed control versions (DALI, DSI, switchDIM and corridorFUNCTION) offer a wide range of dimming options. A key aspect of Tridonic ballasts is that each of the control versions is wired via the same connections. The device automatically detects the control version and automatically switches to the appropriate mode.
The DSI standard provides for quick, simple and secure installation and offers almost all the benefits of digital communication. The DALI protocol was developed to meet even greater demands. With DALI even complex lighting solutions can be handled with a high degree of flexibility. For more information please refer to the section on luxCONTROL lighting control systems.

In addition to the digital standards, all the dimmable ballasts from Tridonic support simpler methods of control such as switchDIM (control via conventional switches) and corridorFUNCTION (control via conventional motion sensors).

Four different sensor types can be operated with dimmable ballasts from Tridonic, depending on the type of device. You can choose presence sensors, daylight sensors or sensors with an infra-red interface. The multi-functional interface gives you greater flexibility and system efficiency. In turn, this gives you new possibilities; for example you can combine central communication standards (DALI, DSI) with local SMART sensors.

Product characteristics PCA EXCEL
one4all xitec II
xitec II
xitec II
DSI control
DALI control
DALI memory
Extended DALI commands
switchDIM with memory function
switchDIM with memory function can be deactivated
(enhanced Power on Level)
switchDIM with selectable dimming rates
Integrated SMART interface for daylight control
Integrated SMART interface for daylight control, presence
detection and infra-red control
corridorFUNCTION with daylight control
corridorFUNCTION with 3 preprogrammed profiles (via plug)
corridorFUNCTION (individually programmable)
corridorFUNCTION can be executed directly via SMART sensor
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