TALEXXengine STARK SLE with Zhaga certification

New types and light colours

TALEXXengine STARK SLE for downlights and spotlights is the first LED light engine from Tridonic with Zhaga certification. A special feature of this device is its integrated terminals that make installation much easier. Tridonic has now expanded its portfolio with the addition of a MINI version and special light colours designed specifically for the food industry, identified by the label "FOOD".


Dornbirn, Austria – TALEXXengine STARK SLE GEN2 was the first Tridonic light engine to receive Zhaga certification. This included the CLASSIC modules LES (Light Emitting Surface) 19 and 23 (i.e. with a light emitting surface of 19 and 23 mm diameter). Tridonic offers a component system comprising carefully matched LED module, LED converter and light controller. The system offers an impressive colour rendering index (CRI) greater than 90 for SELECT and greater than 80 for CLASSIC. The high efficiency of these light engines at up to 140 lm/W and 121 lm/W make them the best in their class.

Thanks to integrated terminals on the LED modules, developed in cooperation with the subsidiary Tridonic connection technology, the system is easy to wire. Luminaire manufacturers can use standard luminaire wiring and do not need any complicated cabling harnessing. The terminals are used not only for power supply but also for thermal monitoring. For all SELECT, CLASSIC and FOOD modules LES 23 and 26 the temperature sensor (NTC) provides protection against overheating.

The PREMIUM module with a tunable white function (2,700 K to 6,500 K) is completing the product range.

MINI focuses the light

The light emitting surface of the new MINI version of the TALEXXengine STARK SLE has a diameter of only 10 or 17 mm. This means that very narrow beam angles are possible – below 10 degrees – with focused light and high contrast. In practical applications these properties translate into highly effective illumination. The LED module of this light engine also offers an impressively high CRI of more than 80 and a module efficiency of up to 119 lm/W. It is available with or without connecting cables and in colour temperatures of 3,000 and 4,000 K.

FOOD whets your appetite

TALEXXengine STARK SLE offers high-quality white light in all tones for a wide range of applications. The FOOD modules are now available in four different light colours:

  • Gold – a warm brilliant light with a CRI > 90. The light makes baked goods look particularly fresh.
  • Gold+ – brilliant light with a slight brown tinge. This light colour makes crusty bakery items such as baguettes and croissants look as though they have come straight out of the oven.
  • Fresh Meat – a slightly red light for the delicatessen counter. This emphasises the red tones in fresh and cooked meats without colouring the white streaks. Fresh and cooked meats look really appealing.
  • Meat+ – saturated red tones that make fresh and cooked meat appear appetising. This light gives all the streaks in fresh meat a red appearance.

All the TALEXXengine STARK SLE modules combine high-quality light with very narrow colour tolerances in accordance with MacAdam 3. The relevant LED converter is available in surface-mounted and built-in versions with DALI, switchDIM or colourSWITCH control interfaces.

The manufacturer offers a five-year system guarantee for peace of mind.

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