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Technology in action

Tridonic demonstrates new technologies

Frankfurt, March 13, 2016 – At the Zumtobel Group booth Tridonic is presenting a vision of connected light in the Internet of Things as well as new Tridonic technologies in action. Selected luminaires from Zumtobel and Thorn are equipped with both LED Drivers and LED modules from Tridonic.


Tridonic is providing an insight into the development of connected solutions in the age of the Internet of Things. Developers at the company have created a future-proof hardware and software platform known as net4more. The net4more toolbox, consisting of LED Drivers, communication modules, sensors, routers, software and apps, will be unveiled at Light+Building 2016. It is featured in the luminaire Zumtobel MIREL 600 x 600 wireless – prototype which demonstrates the possibilities of the new net4more platform for connected light. It provides access to data without the need for an additional gateway and is therefore a platform for developing services that go beyond light, such as indoor navigation and space management.

The crucial benefits of the net4more concept are its open platform, flexibility and scalability. net4more was designed right from the start for interoperability and open hardware and software interfaces. For example, the software architecture is based on the open standard of the IPv6 internet protocol, wireless communication uses a low-power version with IPv6 which operates like a low-energy version of wifi with networking capability, and the application and communication layers also use the usual open standards. What's more, net4more is the first system that enables both wired and wireless communication – and it is also scalable for any size of building or area.

ready2mains and DC-String, two technologies that Tridonic has consistently developed over the past 12 months, have already been launched, and a comprehensive product portfolio has been presented. Some of the results of these developments can be seen in action in selected luminaires at the booth.

ready2mains™ Gateway 400 VA

ready2mains™ Programmer


ready2mains teaches electricity how to communicate and uses the mains cable to transfer data. Luminaires are controlled and dimmed directly via the mains, with no need for any additional wiring. This technology is already integrated in all LED Drivers in the TALEXXdriver EXCITE and PREMIUM series.

Luminaire manufacturer Thorn is already using ready2mains in its Omega LED, Omega Pro, Chalice and Chalice Pro luminaires. For office applications Thorn is presenting its set for lighting modernization ‘LIMO Set’, a cost efficient and easy to handle toolbox for reconstruction of small and mid-sized offices, which is available in wholesale. The ‘r2m Refurbishment Kit’ enables existing installations without lighting control to be easily replaced with Thorn's Omega LED, Omega Pro, Chalice and Chalice Pro.

The interface between the control unit and the luminaires is the ready2mains Gateway which transmits the dimming commands in digital form via the mains cable, ensuring reliable and robust data transmission. There is no need for any additional data cables such as DALI/DSI or 1-10 V systems. Multiple control units or gateways can be used in parallel, if required.

The ready2mains portfolio also includes the programmer. Luminaire manufacturers can benefit from using the programmer at the production stage because automated configuration of the luminaires via the mains will save time and costs. The programmer uses simple phase control for digital command transmission. Configuration commands are transmitted in this way, such as the required output current of the LED Driver or a virtual midnight function for LED street lights. The current can be configured in 1 mA steps to achieve the precise illuminance needed. Up to five drivers (maximum of 400 W) can be configured in parallel. With ready2mains it is possible to incorporate programming functionality in existing production lines with a high degree of flexibility. And for simple integration in automated test procedures there is a USB interface with appropriate software drivers.

LMI 48 V 350–700 mA 20–42 V FO Regular


Another Tridonic highlight is the DC-String technology which is used in particular in the Zumtobel SUPERSYSTEM II – a modular, multifunctional LED lighting system offering new angles for lighting design and for the flexibility of placing luminaires anywhere in a room.

With TALEXXengine DC-String, Tridonic is offering an LED solution which makes AC/DC converters and DC/DC components go their separate ways. In present LED lighting solutions, each LED light source needs an LED Driver which contains an AC/DC converter and a DC/DC component. The AC/DC converter takes up most space in the LED Driver, defining the component's minimum size at the same time. Separation from the DC/DC component allows for further miniaturisation of LED luminaires and even greater design freedom. If installed downstream, the lighting system works as a low-voltage DC LED system. The individual light sources, or luminaires, are now only equipped with a low-profile, compact DC/DC module, or the module has already been integrated into the light source.

DALI and emergency lighting components will also be centrally connected to the AC/DC converter, eliminating the need to connect them to the individual LED light sources. DALI dimming commands are converted to digital power line signals for the DC/DC modules by the DALI converter. The system still remains DALI-compliant, with each light source appearing separately as a standalone address.

Upgrading existing lighting systems is equally simple, for example upgrading a non-dimmable lighting system to a dimmable lighting solution. It's enough to replace the existing light sources with a DC/DC module, and to connect a higher-ranking central AC/DC converter, as well as DALI and emergency lighting components, if required.

TALEXXdriver LCA one4all C PRE OTD


Outdoor Portfolio

Tridonic showcases the extended outdoor portfolio – at the booth demonstrated by the Thorn luminaire R2L2. The series TALEXXdriver PREMIUM OTD together with the recently introduces LED module TALEXXmodule RLE EXCITE OTD form an attuned and efficient system.

These PREMIUM OTD Drivers offer impressive surge/burst resistance of 10 kV and are extremely durable with a life of 100,000 hours. They are qualified for professional dimmable LED lighting solutions in luminaires of protection classes I and II and are particularly suitable for use in harsh ambient conditions outdoors. All the versions are equipped with ready2mains/U6Me2 and one4all interfaces. The Drivers therefore have the flexibility to meet different lighting requirements. Luminaires can be easily configured via the power cable with the aid of the ready2mains programmer so there is no need for an additional communications interface.

TALEXXmodule RLE OTD EXCITE can be used with standard lenses with different emission characteristics. These LED light sources have been developed for a modular luminaire design. Different LED modules with different control currents can be combined to achieve the same lumen packages.

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