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A new generation of LED drivers

Large operating window and slim housings

Larger operating windows and slim housings even at high wattages are the stand-out features of Tridonic’s new GEN4 LED driver platform. The first two versions are now being launched. These drivers are also the first LED drivers to have the EMC (Externally Managed Components) sustainability declaration.

Tridonic is launching two versions of the new GEN 4 LED drivers. Large operating windows, slim housings and compliance with sustainability criteria are the main features.

EXC4 flexC lp LED drivers in dimming and non-dimming versions are suitable in particular for use in LED area luminaires. Thanks to large operating windows a single driver can cover a large number of possible applications. As a result, luminaire manufacturers can reduce the number of products they hold in stock without suffering any gaps in output ranges for their luminaires, even for high wattage types.

The narrow, low-profile housing gives designers enormous freedom to create slim luminaires. All the driver types of the GEN4 platform have a height of 16 millimetres to support the ongoing trend for miniaturized luminaires.

On the dimmable version the one4all interface provides a number of different dimming options. The software enables energy, lighting and diagnostic data to be read, thanks to the Tridonic lumDATA features.

All the GEN4 drivers feature an NFC interface so they can be quickly programmed in production, and easily adapted wirelessly even if they have already been installed. If a change is required the devices can be reprogrammed at any time via this wireless interface. If a device is replaced the data can be quickly and easily transferred to the new device. Or the luminaire properties can be reprogrammed on site without having to replace the luminaire. With NFC multi-programming, up to ten devices can be programmed in a single step.

For a sustainable circular economy

The new drivers support the transition to a circular economy based on the Cradle to Cradle principle. EXC4 flexC lp drivers have an EMC (Externally Managed Components) declaration so luminaire manufacturers can use this component in their products without the need for any further action for their Cradle to Cradle certification project. EMC means that the component does not have any harmful effects on humans or nature during normal use. In view of the materials selected for these drivers, Tridonic as the first supplier can take responsibility for the Cradle to Cradle suitability of the drivers.

EMC is a critical step towards Cradle to Cradle certification and part of the “Sustainable Tridonic” programme. Through this initiative, the company is developing products and solutions that comply with the concept of the circular economy. Another factor is that the new-generation LED drivers offer a greater number of possible applications while reducing resources, thanks for example to the larger operating windows. Tridonic wants to support customers in developing sustainable products.

Cradle to Cradle certification is the global standard for products that are manufactured for recyclability and includes requirements based on the criteria for sustainable product life cycles, namely prevention of waste, material savings, responsible use of resources and reduced consumption of rare materials.

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