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Spotlight LED module for Tunable White applications

CSP chip provides particularly homogeneous light

Tridonic has launched the second generation of spotlight and downlight modules for Tunable White solutions. The modules are equipped with Chip Scale Package LEDs and come in two sizes with different lumen values.

Tridonic second generation modules for Tunable White solutions are equipped with CSP technology and produce particularly homogeneous light. Tunable White technology provides a high degree of flexibility in how the spotlights and downlights are used.

The second generation of the Tridonic SLE PRE2 LED modules feature two technological improvements. The first is that Chip Scale Package (CSP) LEDs are now used, making the light even more homogeneous. This effect can be maximised with the optional mixed lens. Integrated in the CSP module are components that do not require soldered wire connections or a substrate. CSP technology gives the LED modules a high optical density, making them particularly suitable for use in small luminaires with large lumen packages.
The second is that the compact SLE 13/17 mm 927-965 PRE2 module now offers Tunable White functionality with high colour consistency (MacAdam 3) and a colour rendering index of Ra > 90. Tunable White technology provides a high degree of flexibility in how spotlights and downlights equipped with the SLE PRE2 module can be used. These luminaires cover a wide colour range from 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin, with a constant luminous flux of up to 3,030 lumens. In combination with the Tridonic 38 W DT8 driver for Tunable White, they provide the basis for attractive shop lighting with individually adjustable colour temperatures.
The modules are available in light-emitting surface sizes LES 13 and LES 17. For each of these sizes a housing with a snap-on locking function is available for easy mounting in the reflector. The LES 13 version delivers over 2,000 lumens and an efficiency of up to 114 lm/W. The larger version with LES 17 delivers 3,000 lumens and achieves an efficiency of up to 111 lm/W. The rated life is 60,000 hours.

Module SLE PRE2 at a glance

  • Two sizes: LES 13 with 2,000 lm, LES 17 with 3,000 lm
  • Efficiency of up to 114 lm/W (LES 13) and 111 lm/W (LES 17)
  • Colour rendering: Ra > 90
  • Colour consistency: MacAdam 3
  • Built-in module with Chip Scale Package (CSP) LEDs
  • Compatible with Tridonic 38 W DT8 drivers
  • Optional mixed lens for even greater uniformity
  • Life of up 60,000 hours


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