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Bridging two worlds: DALI meets basicDIM Wireless

Tridonic has added three wireless modules to its basicDIM Wireless range

Tridonic is building a bridge between the classic wired DALI world and the basicDIM Wireless system. This means that professional DALI installations can be expanded with a high degree of flexibility as there is no need for additional cabling or construction work.

basicDIM Wireless module G2 / basicDIM Wireless passive module G2

basicDIM Wireless SR

Tridonic is linking the wired DALI world with its Bluetooth-based basicDIM Wireless system using basicDIM Wireless modules. One such module in each installation is used as a translator between DALI and Bluetooth. Expanding an installation with basicDIM Wireless gives Tridonic customers access to a comprehensive lighting ecosystem. The fact that there is no need to run additional DALI lines makes installation much easier and reduces the amount of material required. At the same time, the lighting system itself is much more flexible. The lighting concepts can be adapted to new conditions and requirements in just a few simple steps – benefiting customers and installers alike.

Flexibility comes in threes

For maximum flexibility Tridonic has developed three new wireless modules for different applications. With an internal DALI bus power supply of 10 mA and a compact design, the new active G2 basicDIM Wireless module from Tridonic is suitable for installation in luminaires or integration in a flush-mounted box. Existing or new luminaires and switches can be networked effortlessly without cabling.

Another newcomer to the Tridonic portfolio is the basicDIM Wireless SR module. This active module with a bus power supply of 50 mA can be equipped with a strain relief module (available separately), making it easier to install in a suspended ceiling. No special cabling is required, saving time and reducing installation costs.

Tridonic also uses a compact design for the new basicDIM Wireless Passive Module G2 without an internal bus power supply: It can be easily integrated in a flush-mounted box or a luminaire. It just needs an extra component to supply power. In combination with DALI-2 application controllers such as the Tridonic sceneCOM S, the Tridonic sceneCOM evo DA2 or any other controller with an internal power supply, the G2 basicDIM Wireless passive module acts as the link between the wired DALI world and the wireless world of basicDIM Wireless.

“Existing DALI installations can be easily expanded, upgraded or converted with the new products – whatever the situation requires,” says Tridonic product manager Manuel Stanzl.

Typical application: wireless emergency and safety lighting

With its new wireless module, Tridonic can provide a compliant wireless emergency and safety lighting system. With basicDIM Wireless as the backbone, wireless connectivity can be provided for emergency and safety luminaires via a fail-safe mesh network without any additional cabling or structural changes. The system is controlled by one or more sceneCOM evo DA2 controllers. In this case, the basicDIM Wireless Passive Module G2 acts as a gateway.

“Thanks to their compact form, the basicDIM Wireless modules can be easily integrated in emergency and safety luminaires. This results in enormous cost savings for users because prescribed functional and endurance tests for emergency luminaires can be carried out automatically,” adds Manuel Stanzl.

User-friendly and reliable

Users benefit from the user-friendliness and reliability of basicDIM Wireless, regardless of which module is used. Once installed, the components connected to the wireless system via the wireless modules are handled and indicated in the same way as wired DALI components. Integration in a building management system (BMS) is also possible.

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