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LLE advanced 5: Freedom of design for linear and area luminaires

Better efficiency, greater flexibility

The fifth generation of the LLE ADV series offers an amazing improvement in efficacy and new features for modules with widths of 16 mm and 55 mm. 16 mm modules are now available in 70 mm lengths, and 55 mm modules are now fitted with holes for greater compatibility with commercially available lenses.

An impressive boost in in efficiency and a high degree of flexibility: LLE ADV modules of the fifth generation

The two module series are most suitable for offices and educational establishments. They have an impressively high module efficiency of up to 190 lm/W and are extremely durable with a life of 72,000 hours. The LED modules are available with different colour temperatures from 2,700 to 6,500 K, in each case with a colour rendering index Ra > 80. Together with their narrow colour tolerances corresponding to MacAdam3, the modules offer excellent quality of light. The modules can be quickly and easily connected with each other via plug-in terminals. Even if several modules are connected one after the other the light always remains homogeneous.

For compact linear luminaire designs

The 16 mm modules in the LLE ADV 5 series are designed for non-SELV operation. They offer enormous freedom of design with four different lengths of 140 mm, 280 mm, 560 mm and now 70 mm. All the module versions can be freely combined with one another, giving designers a wide range of options. The 70 mm long modules fill small gaps in lighting strips so that a continuous homogeneous effect can be easily achieved. Depending on the version, the typical luminous flux is 325 lm, 650 lm, 1,250 lm or 2,400 lm. The pitch is the same as that of the previous generation so existing installations can be easily upgraded to the latest technical standard.

Open for standard lenses

LED modules with a width of 55 mm in the LLE ADV 5 series for linear luminaires are suitable for SELV operation. They are available in length of 280 mm with a typical luminous flux of 2,000 and 4,000 lm respectively. Repositioned holes make the 55 mm modules compatible with numerous commercially available lenses, such as those from LEDIL. The modules are also extremely easy to install: They can be wired at the back.

The manufacturer offers a 5-year guarantee for the LLE ADV-modules of the fifth generation.

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