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Tridonic reinforces its position as a highly innovative company with 84 registered inventions in 2017

Tridonic takes second place in the ranking compiled by the Austrian Patent Office

Dornbirn, Austria, May 7, 2018 – The Austrian Patent Office recently published its 2017 annual report. With a total of 84 registered inventions, Tridonic – a world-leading supplier of intelligent and efficient lighting solutions – takes second place in the list ranking companies with the largest number of inventions.

Innovations and the patents held for these are an important competitive factor. With 84 patents and utility models registered at the Austrian Patent Office in 2017, Tridonic is among the three most innovative companies in the country. Following 2015 and 2016, the international lighting technology company based in Dornbirn secured a place among the top three for the third time in a row.

“Figures recently published by the Austrian Patent Office highlight our innovative prowess and role as a market leader. We are delighted that we also have a leading position as part of the Austria-wide comparison in 2017. However, the focal point of our research and development operations is always customer value. Our top priority is to create added value for our customers with innovative and efficient lighting solutions”, says Steffen Riemer, Vice President R&D Tridonic.

Innovations with a focus on customers

Tridonic currently holds more than 2,500 patents and patent applications – in addition to trademark rights registered with the Austrian Patent Office, these include a large number of European and US patents. “The joy of discovery and inventive spirit are major elements of the company's character – and this does not just apply to our research and development division. Other departments are also responsible for innovative ideas. In light of this, inter-divisional collaboration is extremely important. Our ranking also shows that our collaborative activities are working well”, Riemer adds.

Vorarlberg – a major site for innovation

As a highly innovative company, Tridonic also adds to the high number of patents registered in the federal state of Vorarlberg, where the lighting technology supplier is based: In relation to the population, Vorarlberg registered the most patents per resident in 2017. With a total of 12,000 patents each year, Austria takes sixth place in the EU and eleventh place globally when comparing patent registrations per country. Across the whole of Austria, 2,900 inventions were registered and 1,450 patents and utility models were granted the previous year.

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