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A complete light band

Homogeneous linear lighting plus reduced wiring requirements

Dornbirn, 15 February 2018 – The fourth generation LLE-ADVANCED modules have been expanded to cover ZHAGA-compatible lengths, meaning that very long homogeneous light bands such as might be used in office buildings can also now be implemented with no additional wiring effort.

Module LLE G4 24x70mm 325lm ADV

Module LLE G4 24x1400mm 6000lm ADV

The new 1120 and 1400 mm module lengths significantly expand the design options available for linear luminaires and panel lights, without increasing the amount of wiring required. The lengths equate to multiples of existing ZHAGA modules, meaning that existing mounting holes can still be used. The smallest of the new modules measures just 70 mm and allows gaps to be filled in the luminaires and shadow effects through the connector to be avoided. The new modules do not differ from the LLE-G4 standard modules in their specifications.

High levels of efficiency, low colour tolerance, long lifetime

With the appropriate driver, the modules achieve efficiency levels of up to 170 lm/W and provide a luminous flux of 650, 1250 and 2000 lm depending on the length. The LED modules are available with different colour temperatures in order to cover different usage scenarios: 2,700 K, 3,000 K, 3,500 K, 4,000 K and 5,000 K. The colour rendering index Ra > 80 demonstrates the quality of the light, while MacAdam 3 represents low colour tolerance levels. The homogeneity of the light is also retained when multiple LLE-G4 modules are arranged in sequence. Plug-in terminals are available for simple and quick wiring. The manufacturer also offers light covers for these modules for different light distribution options. Once installed the LED modules achieve a lifetime of 50,000 hours. Tridonic provides a 5-year warranty.


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