Inspired by light

Just think of a sunset at the beach, a romantic campfire or the dazzling skyline of a city at midnight ... light is naturally able to create experiences that inspire people. We offer you various component solutions to build exactly the setting you need: Luminous colours and colour temperatures to let products and employees shine. Enter the world of “Emotional Lighting” with Tridonic – for retail and office applications.



Control emotions

Discover a new dimension of product presentation with Tridonic: Create a magical atmosphere that makes products shine and fascinates customers. Choose from a wide range of colours for fashion, food and arts, which will perfectly match your needs and boost sales.



Create performance

Discover a new way of motivating employees with Tridonic: Provide a working environment that supports the Circadian Rhythm by using Tunable White to increase comfort and productivity. Benefit from the latest technologies to save valuable energy and costs.