News archive 2015

A new dimension for connected light

connecDIM provides differentiated and individual lighting moods in the new headquarters of Sattler Lighting.  more...

Smart solution and aesthetic design for LED tracks

Our new TALEXXengine DC String series offers a particularly design-friendly LED solution, in which the AC/DC converter and DC/DC component go their separate ways.  more...

Top Madrid restaurant now under smart new light management

The new prestigious Tatel restaurant in the centre of Madrid offers Spanish cuisine of the highest order and an air of exclusivity. Lighting scenes create the perfect atmosphere. The light management system also offers individual adjustment with connecDIM.  more...

Central library of ZHAW

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) has moved its various libraries to a central location. A modern media centre with a floor space of 6,000 square metres has been created in a former factory building on the Sulzer site.  more...

Triemli hospital

When the new ward block at Triemli hospital in Zurich is in full operation, 600 Sanapro luminaires equipped with LED modules and LED Drivers from Tridonic will be used to illuminate the patient rooms.  more...

Müller retail chain

The Müller retail chain has opted for LED technology from Tridonic for equipping its new retail outlets and for upgrading its existing shops. A concept for one-to-one replacement of the existing lighting has been developed in close cooperation with Müller Ladenbau GmbH.  more...

LED systems for industrial applications now with an eight-year guarantee

Tridonic is extending the guarantee to eight years for selected LED products designed for special industrial lighting applications. This offer covers both LED light sources and LED Drivers.  more...

WhitePaper LED basics

Enhance your knowledge on LEDs and find out what the difference between Chip-on-Board and Surface-Mounted-Devices is, what kind of dimming methods exist and how the colour temperature is measures.  more...

Versatile lighting for Bvlgari in Nanjing

A Tridonic DALI lighting management system is providing versatile control for the new Bvlgari store in Nanjing Deji Plaza, China.  more...
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