LED driver LC 14 / 28 / 38 W flexC or one4all NFC SC EXC3

New excite drivers with and without dimming function.

The ideal retail solution

Depending on requirements, the new excite (EXC3) fixed-output driver is available as a non-dimmable or DALI-dimmable version with a dimming range from 1% to 100%. Both the flexC driver and the dimmable one4all design are equipped with an NFC interface. Tridonic therefore offers a complete NFC product portfolio in dimmable and non-dimmable versions for the retail sector. Optionally available as in-track solutions or with SC97 products.

In addition to enabling time-saving multi-programming of entire packing units, NFC allows the output current to be flexibly adjusted. For the dimmable version, this can alternatively be done via DALI. Thanks to the large operating window of 100 mA to 1,050 mA in output classes of 14 W to 38 W, the driver range covers a large spectrum of requirements. The driver can either be integrated directly into the luminaire or secured with a strain-relief clip-on set. With lumDATA, the dimmable drivers also comply with the latest DALI-2 parts for intelligent data usage.

Products flexC:
Driver LC 14W 100–400mA flexC NFC SC EXC3
Driver LC 28W 300–700mA flexC NFC SC EXC3
Driver LC 38W 650–1050mA flexC NFC SC EXC3

Products one4all:
Driver LC 14W 100–400mA o4a NFC SC EXC3
Driver LC 28W 300–700mA o4a NFC SC EXC3
Driver LC 38W 650–1050mA o4a NFC SC EXC3