LED driver LC 25 / 40 / 60 W flexC or o4a NF h16 EXC4

New generation with expanded operating window

Extra-slim constant-current driver for the luminaire fixture.

Driver LC 40 W 75–400 mA flexC NF h16 EXC4

All-round talent with optimised light quality

Thanks to its expanded operating window, the fourth generation of excite drivers (EXC4) can be used in a range of application areas. The choice of a non-dimmable or dimmable variant provides added flexibility. Both versions enable simple configuration thanks to the NFC interface, and both support efficient multi-programming of entire packing units in a single step. The extremely slim low-profile housing, which is only 16 mm high, can be easily integrated even into very small luminaires, allowing considerable design freedom.

With lumDATA, the dimmable version also corresponds to the latest DALI-2 specifications, which allow smart data management for smart buildings and IoT projects.

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