in-track LED driver LC 15 / 25 / 34 / 42 W flexC T SNC3

Short version for 3-phase tracks.

Black (RAL 9005), White (RAL 9010), Grey (RAL 7035)

Three colours, four output currents

The new short version of the 3-phase in-track driver continues the trend towards miniaturisation. At just 168 millimetres long, the design can easily be integrated into any track and saves enough space for individual solutions. The fixed output currents which can be selected via DIP switch in every driver, ensure even greater flexibility. In terms of applications, the constant current driver is extremely versatile, which is not least because of optimised forward voltage. The housing is available in black, white and grey.

Product pages:
LC 15 W 200-350 mA flexC T SNC3
LC 25 W 450-600 mA flexC T SNC3
LC 34 W 650-800 mA flexC T SNC3
LC 42 W 900-1050 mA flexC T SNC3