Generation 4 – generated 4 your needs

The latest generation of LED drivers with a variety of benefits

An innovative combination of flexibility and simple handling that also protects the environment.

So much more than ‘just’ a driver

The first Generation 4 drivers are now available. The new drivers offer a number of technical features that considerably simplify the manufacture and use of the luminaire. These include optimised operating windows for a wide range of potential applications, extra-slim housing for unrestricted product design options and an NFC interface for simple configuration. In addition, the lumDATA label includes all essential DALI-2 Parts specifications for smart data management. However, Generation 4 offers far more than just technical updates and features: its added value for our customers combines high levels of flexibility in terms of use and design with simple handling, while also minimising the impact on the environment.

In addition to complementary hardware and software products, Tridonic also offers numerous services that facilitate the certification of sustainable luminaires. This enables the creation of tailor-made solutions from a single source, benefitting luminaire manufacturers, users and the environment alike.


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Revised product categories

To help you find the product you’re looking for quickly and easily, despite our ever-growing range, we have restructured our portfolio in time for the launch of Generation 4. Four product categories have now become three: essence (SNC) for a solid foundation, excite (EXC) for maximum flexibility and premium (PRE) for full networking.