Programmer and Multi Master Controller

Easy management of small outdoor solutions.

groupCONTROL configTOOL Programmer

RF Multi Master Controller CIS 30 DA2

Tailor-made and future-proof

The groupCONTROL Programmer offers simple, local group management of small outdoor installations with up to 60 light points. The network is based on self-healing mesh technology for stable and sustained operation. The programmer is supported by the Multi Master Controller CIS 30 DA2 RF, the first Zhaga D4i-certified control unit for monitoring and controlling luminaires, optionally available with GPS signal for easier commissioning. A sensor for ambient light measurement is already integrated. Both components form the SIDEREA groupCONTROL system. By integrating sensors, schedules and lighting scenes it is possible to create a tailor-made system that can be seamlessly expanded into an IoT-based Smart City solution thanks to compliance with the Zhaga Book 18 Standard and D4i certification.

Commissioning and control can be conveniently performed via configTOOL app on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. For even more flexible commissioning and on-site maintenance, the battery-powered groupCONTROL Programmer is supplied with a power supply unit and a 12 V car charger.

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