LED module ELA ADV2: the ready-to-install LED panel for louvered ceilings

Now with Tunable White version and new shape

For dynamic, individual lighting in the office.

ELA 600x600mm 3800lm ADV2

ELA 1200x300mm 3800lm ADV2

Versatile and space-saving

Each second-generation LED panel is equipped with three luminous flux options: 2,800 lm (NM), 3,800 lm (HE) and 4,300 lm (HO), which can be selected according to the application and the requirements. This means that ELA ADV2 are not only suitable for different requirements but also save space in the warehouse. In addition to the two proven square versions with an edge length of 600 and 620 mm, the advanced category (ADV2) now also has a rectangular version with dimensions of 300 x 1,200 mm.

The square version (600 x 600 mm) is available with optional Tunable White technology, which can be used in combination with DT8 drivers from Tridonic to provide dynamic lighting. Thanks to good anti-glare properties (UGR < 19), ELA ADV2 is also suitable for screen-based workstations. For the 600 x 600 mm Tunable White panel the colour temperature can be set immediately prior to delivery via optional colorSWITCH technology.

Module ELA ADV2
Module ELA TW ADV2