LED driver LCI EXC3 for industrial applications

Designed for harsh conditions

The new series of drivers for the industrial sector offers exceptional resistance to high temperatures.

Driver LCI 105W 350-600mA flexC NF h21 EXC3

Flexibility meets stability

Thanks to the wide temperature range of -40 to +80 °C, the industrial driver demonstrates its impressive performance in every situation. Despite its stability, it delivers a high degree of flexibility thanks to its optimised operating window from 250 to 1,200 mA. The luminous flux can be easily and individually set via the integrated NFC interface, enabling lighting solutions with up to 30,000 lumens to be configured.

Driver LCI 75W 250-500mA flexC NF h21 EXC3
Driver LCI 105W 350-600mA flexC NF h21 EXC3
Driver LCI 150W 500-850mA flexC NF h28 EXC3
Driver LCI 220W 800-1200mA flexC NF h28 EXC3