LED driver LC stepDIM lp SNC

Driver/sensor combination

The practical 2-in-1 solution saves energy costs and adds a sense of security.

LED Driver with sensor (included in delivery)

Dimming via stepDIM

The 2-in-1 solution combines a driver with a daylight and motion sensor. If light is not needed around the clock it dims down to a low level of 30 and 10 percent. This significantly reduces energy consumption without having to go without light entirely. This makes the driver/sensor package ideal for multi-story car parks, for example, where permanent light contributes to a feeling of safety. As soon as anyone is detected by the sensor the highest light setting is activated immediately.

Driver LC 25W 200-350mA stepDIM lp SNC
Driver LC 35W 200-350mA stepDIM lp SNC
Driver LC 50W 200-350mA stepDIM lp SNC
Driver LC 65W 200-350mA stepDIM lp SNC