LED driver LC 20/27/45 W 100–1,050 mA NF EXC3

NFC portfolio expanded

All the drivers in the excite series (EXC3) are now equipped with an NFC interface.

Driver LC 20W 100-1050mA 44V NF SR EXC3

Driver LC 27W 100-500mA 54V NF SR EXC3

Easy configuration and multiprogramming

Thanks to the NFC interface, all the separate drivers in the excite series (EXC3) can be conveniently configured via Tridonic’s companionSUITE software collection. Multiprogramming also enables whole packaging units to be programmed in a single pass. The input current can also be individually adjusted in this way in the range from 100 to 1,050 mA. The driver can therefore be used in many different applications. The 20 W version in the compact Speedy housing in particular is ideal for small downlights.

The driver is available as a DALI-2 dimmable version as well as a non-dimmable version and is compatible with all DALI-2 based controllers.