Energy-efficient smart lighting for ultra-modern offices

Tridonic puts New Work in the best light in London

An app for intuitive planning and commissioning.

At 197 City Road in London’s own small Silicon Valley, a Victorian facade meets state-of-the-art technology. The historic Old Street Works now offers a New Work concept over four floors of office space covering 750 square metres. The requirements for this ambitious modernisation project were maximum flexibility, maximum comfort and maximum energy efficiency. All three are met by the intelligent IoT-based lighting concept that Tridonic has implemented together with project partner Silent Design.

One of the largest installations in Europe, featuring Tridonic’s sceneCOM S light management system, seven sceneCOM S DALI-2 controllers and around sixty DALI-2 MSensor 5DPI motion sensors, guarantees optimum illumination in the offices. Whenever there is sufficient daylight the lights near the windows are automatically dimmed, which not only reduces energy consumption but also improves the level of comfort for people working close to the windows. A large number of the luminaires can be individually controlled. When a certain level of daylight is reached the luminaires are automatically dimmed, which further improves energy efficiency. Virtual corridors have also been programmed to ensure the minimum amount of required lighting outside normal working hours.

Thanks to the “sCS commissioning” app from Tridonic, commissioning of the lighting was simple and straightforward.

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