EM converterLED BASIC/PRO High Power 6 W, 9 W

Emergency lighting unit for applications in high-ceiling rooms

Two new wattages give the emergency lighting unit more areas of application.

EM converterLED BASIC HP 9 W 50 V

Higher luminous flux and long-life batteries

Two new versions have been added to the family of emergency lighting units for single battery powered emergency lighting. Rated at 6 W and 9 W, they meet all the requirements for high-ceiling rooms and for applications that require relatively high luminous flux. The two devices are available in the BASIC version for manual testing and the PRO DALI version for central monitoring. Rated operating time is one, two or three hours. All the versions are designed for use with modern LiFePo4 batteries and support a long service life of up to 100,000 hours.

Product pages:
EM converterLED BASIC HP 6/9 W 50 V
EM converterLED BASIC HP 6/9 W 250 V
EM converterLED PRO HP 6/9 W 50 V
EM converterLED PRO HP 6/9 W 250 V