basicDIM ILD G2: the control system for single luminaire and small area applications

Second generation providing new values

The second generation of the basicDIM ILD product series offers simple handling and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

basicDIM ILD G2 family

basicDIM ILD G2 CWM 20 PBI1 / basicDIM ILD G2 Programmer

Thanks to the low-bay, mid-bay and high-bay variants, the sensors with integrated DALI 2-compatible application controllers can be used in many different applications, from individual luminaires, rooms and corridors to small areas. Each system allows the integration of up to four motion-slave sensors and 20 drivers. Commissioning and control in the field are particularly easy with the matching IR remote control. Latest release of companionSUITE introduced in December 2020 allows to adjust ILD G2 system defaults in production. The momentary-action switch input is an ideal addition and is compatible with all second generation ILD products.

basicDIM ILD G2 SFI 20 10DPI WH
basicDIM ILD G2 SFI 20 16DPI WH
basicDIM ILD G2 CWM 20 PBI1
basicDIM ILD G2 Programmer