Outdoor LED driver LCO NFC PRE3: NFC interface and D4i

The future-proof driver solution for Smart City concepts

The dimmable premium driver with the NFC interface and connection options for IoT devices provides the basis for implementing Smart City concepts.

LCO 40W 200–1050mA 64V pD+ NF C PRE3

The latest standards pave the way for the digital future

It is the first driver to be designed according to the D4i standards and therefore covers the latest DALI standards which define the provision of operating and diagnostic data. As a consequence, a lighting system can be prepared now for future solutions. The 24 V auxiliary supply and the DALI bus power supply designed in accordance with DALI Part 250 support the direct operation of communication modules and sensors.

The integrated NFC interface allows the driver to be programmed without power or contact – even in complete package units with the companionSUITE software. The wide operating window (2V out) covers up to 2,100 lumens. The wide temperature range from -40 °C to +70 °C guarantees reliable operation at all times.

LCO 14 W 100–550 mA pD+ NF C PRE3
LCO 24 W 200–1050 mA pD+ NF C PRE3
LCO 40 W 200–1050 mA pD+ NF C PRE3
LCO 60 W 200–1050 mA pD+ NF C PRE3

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