LED module LLE FLEX CC 14 mm ADV2: flexible lighting strip from the reel

Flexibility made in Austria

The second generation of the flexible constant current lighting strip also offers design freedom, efficiency and excellent quality of light. In addition, it is now being manufactured in Austria.

Flexible cutting options and easy handling

With the option of making a cut every 140 millimetres, the module can always be made to the desired length. Logistics and production costs can thus be significantly reduced. Thanks to the flexible carrier material, free-form designs can be easily created in addition to oval and round luminaires. Each segment is equipped with 16 high-quality LEDs. Small pitch spacings ensure a consistently excellent lighting effect and also save on material.

They also allow the integration of profile luminaires where space is limited. Mounting is also easy thanks to weather-resistant 3M adhesive tape. There is a choice of two wiring options – with or without terminals.

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Module LLE FLEX CC 14mm 1250lm ADV2