LED Drivers LC 50/75 W po4a NFC h16 PRE3

D4i certification and fade2zero

The low-profile driver series is certified to the extension of the latest DALI-2 standard with D4i.

Standardised bus power supply

With D4i certification, the 16 mm high driver complies not only with the latest DALI-2 Parts 251, 252 and 253, which regulate the storage and transmission of different devices as well as vital and consumption data, but also with DALI-2 Part 250. This specification establishes a standard for the DALI bus power supply within the luminaire for the first time.

Additionally the 16 mm high drivers now also feature the fade2zero function which enables a smooth fade out of the lighting. In addition to offering a wide dimming range of 1 to 100 percent, the driver series allows all settings to be individually adjusted via companionSUITE, NFC, DALI. Output current can be adjusted via I-SELECT 2 Plug.

Driver LC 50W 100–400mA 140V po4a NFC h16 PRE3
Driver LC 75W 100–400mA 220V po4a NFC h16 PRE3