LED Driver in-track basicDIM Wireless 25 W / 40 W EXC3 with DALI and NFC interface

Easy configuration, adjustment and dimming

In combination with the integrated basicDIM Wireless module, the in-track driver offers a simple way to equip spotlight and track lighting with wireless controls.

Invisible track driver

The in-track drivers are ideal for LED spotlights used in shops and restaurants. They can be fully integrated in the track to provide reduced, attractive lighting. The drivers can be used with all standard 3-phase tracks. The driver can be easily parametrised via companionSUITE and the NFC interface, and can be adapted on site with the Tridonic 4service NFC app. The integrated basicDIM Wireless module enables convenient, wireless dimming.

Product pages:
Driver LC 25 W 350-600 mA bDW NFC T EXC3
Driver LC 40 W 500-1050 mA bDW NFC T EXC3