LED module LLE FLEX EXC2: second-generation flexible strip

No solder joints thanks to a special process

The second excite (EXC) generation of the flexible 24 V LED modules offers impressive ease of installation.

Flexibility meets high stability

Optimised solder pads make soldering on site even more reliable and faster. The LED chips have been given an extensive upgrade and guarantee constant luminous flux for a distance of more than six metres. The LED strip also has a new end-to-end PCB which is manufactured using the reel2reel process and does without solder joints entirely.

This not only gives the strip greater stability but also enables it to be trimmed to size at small intervals of 5 centimetres. This makes the strip very versatile. The wide range of colour temperatures from 2,700 to 4,000 K and the excellent colour rendering of CRI 90 round off the diverse properties of the strip perfectly.

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