Linear LED module LLE 24 mm LVD ADV1 for LEDiL DAISY lenses

Tridonic module and LEDiL lens – the perfect combination for office lighting

The LED module LLE 24 mm LVD in the advanced (ADV) category has been specially designed for use with the LEDiL DAISY lens.

Module with LEDiL DAISY lens system

Optimal glare-free light, without disrupting reflections

As a perfectly coordinated unit, LED module and lens create optimal office lighting. Specially arranged LEDs give the DAISY lenses their high anti-glare rating of UGR < 19 as well as their high-quality dark light character. Tunable White modules offer customised colour temperature regulation. The DAISY lenses are available in three sizes, with which individual luminaires and up to 60-millimetre light strips of different luminaire types can be created. New connectors and the option of series wiring also reduce the wiring workload and simplify installation.

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