LED module QLE ADV5 – now with full plate PCB

Improved efficiency and very good colour rendering

A new generation of LED chips improves the already very good efficiency of the QLE module series by a further 10 percent to a maximum of 195 lm/W.

QLE 250x250mm 1250lm ADV5

The perfect one-for-one substitute for G3+ and G2 ADV-SE modules

The full plate PCB not only makes handling easier during assembly but is also a perfect one-for-one replacement for G3+ and G2 ADV-SE modules. There is now the option of CRI 90 in addition to the very good colour rendering of CRI 80. Each of the SELV modules has four terminals and offers long life of 72,000 hours. The QLE module in the Advanced category (ADV5) is available in three sizes – as a square version measuring 250 x 250 mm or 270 x 270 mm or as a rectangular version measuring 540 x 270 mm.

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Module QLE ADV5
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