LED driver in-track DALI one4all NFC EXC3: driver and adapter in one

Third generation of the dimmable in-track driver

The latest DALI-2 based in-track driver in the excite series (EXC3) combines an LED driver and adapter in a single compact housing that can be integrated directly in the power track.

Driver LC 25W 350-600mA o4a NFC T EXC3

The compact solution for minimalist spotlights solutions

Even extremely compact designs are now possible. Shop applications in particular benefit from the wide dimming range that enables the light output to be adjusted to suit specific requirements. The in-track driver also offers impressive convenience in terms of programming because all the parameters of the dimmable LED driver can be easily set via the NFC interface. Thanks to multi-programming, entire packaging units with up to ten drivers can be programmed in a single pass.

Product pages:
Driver LC 25W 350-600mA o4a NFC T EXC3
Driver LC 40W 500-1050mA o4a NFC T EXC3