LED driver 85 W 600-1800 mA 2xCH DT6 lp PRE: one driver – two channels

Now also available with 85 W

The LED drivers with two separate channels is now also available as a slim 85 W version.

Driver LCA 85W 600–1800mA 2xCH lp PRE

The optimum solution for luminaires with direct/indirect light

The drivers not only ensure efficient operation of pendant and floor-standing luminaires but also give designers greater freedom. Output currents of 600 to 1,800 mA can be easily set via I-SELECT 2 plugs or companionSUITE software. This provides high levels of flexibility. The driver has a selection of predefined dimming scenes which can be activated via a proportionSWITCH depending on the situation.

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Driver LCA 85W 600–1800mA 2xCH lp PRE