excite (EXC) LED drivers for outdoor use

Versatile and resistant

Tridonic’s new generation of dimmable IP20 drivers delivers innovative functions and programming capabilities as well as superior energy efficiency and life time.

LED drivers with a wide operating temperature range

A sophisticated combination of protective functions, a wide temperature window (Ta) from -40 to 70 °C and protection against transients of up to 10 kV equip the drivers for a life time of up to 100,000 hours. The new NFC interface enables convenient multiprogramming of up to 20 drivers per work step in production.

The Tridonic companionSUITE software carries out parameterisation.

Product pages:
Driver LCO 90W 200–1050mA 165V one4all NFC C EXC3
Driver LCO 135W 200–1050mA 220V one4all NFC C EXC3
Driver LCO 200W 200–1050mA 355V one4all NFC C EXC3