Dalma Mall: Lighting's contribution to sustainability

Newly refurbished mall benefits from energy savings

Tridonic products are making a significant contribution to the sustainable performance of the newly refurbished Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi.

The 255,000 m2 Dalma Mall houses more than 450 international and local brands, a hypermarket, a hospital, 14 cinemas, 6,300 parking spaces and has been dubbed as Abu Dhabi's Favourite Mall.

Tridonic’s Middle East Office supplied 21,000 LLE G4 LED modules, 1,680 metres of LLE FLEX strip lights, plus 5,400 pieces of LC SNC constant voltage and LC EXC constant current LED drivers.

This project exploits the key benefits of Tridonic products, achieving 40 % energy savings and minimising the mall’s lighting life-cycle costs and maintenance.

Further information:
Project report