Light-on-demand for new Beijing airport

Mega light for the mega airport

The newly opened Beijing Daxing International Airport is rightly regarded as a mega project and makes extensive use of indirect lighting. Tridonic supplied more than 5,000 drivers, intelligent lighting control and light-on-demand with daylight tracking.

The new ultra-modern airport is located south of the Chinese capital and resembles an oversize starfish from the air. Daxing is the first airport project in China in which DALI drivers and a light management system are integrated in the KNX building control system. More than 2,000 LCA one4all drivers from Tridonic help to provide appropriate dimmable lighting in the spacious interior of the new terminal building.

Around 3,000 further Premium drivers have been installed for the parking spaces. DALI drivers and the intelligent remote lighting control combine to ensure perfectly tailored illumination for the relaxation areas, reading areas and the restaurants. Daylight tracking improves the comfort of passengers still further.

Used products

Indoor lighting:

LCA 120 W 350–1050 mA one4all C PRE OTD
LCA 160 W 350–1050 mA one4all C PRE OTD
LCA 75 W 250–750 mA one4all C PRE OTD
LCA 60 W 350–1050 mA one4all C PRE OTD

Parking spaces:

LCA 50 W 350–1050 mA one4all lp PRE
LCA 45 W 500–1400 mA one4all C PRE
LCA 17 W 250–700 mA one4all C PRE

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