LLE ADV G5 modules achieve maximum efficiency

Choice of colour temperatures allows broad usage

The fifth generation of the 24 mm LLE module ADV is setting new standards in efficiency and quality.

This is achieved through exclusively using first-class raw materials. In addition, chip selection is based on strict optical criteria as well as comprehensive tests which go beyond the requirements of the usual standards. The efficacy of the LLE ADV5 modules has thus been boosted to 200 lumen per watt in the high-efficacy portfolio and to 190 lumen per watt in the standard portfolio. The efficacy of modules with a high colour rendering index (CRI) > 90 has been improved even further compared to the previous version. All modules are available with a CRI > 80 and a CRI > 90, both as SELV and non-SELV variants.

Product pages:

Module LLE 24 mm 650 lm HV ADV5
Module LLE 24 mm 1250 lm HV ADV5
Module LLE 24mm 1250lm CRI90 HV ADV5
Module LLE 24 mm 2000 lm HV ADV5

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